Happy New Year! My hope for 2021 is that love, light and peace guide us as we work toward our goals. Let us be kind, generous and compassionate.💚

Welcome to my online shop where I share my joy and passion for making jewelry. I believe that beauty and inspiration are all around, to be found in nature that is everywhere we look; trees, sky, ocean(if one is lucky enough to be near it!), animals, flowers, mountains and people. I see the creations of others as a source of inspiration too, whether it’s architecture, fashion, food, whatever, the list goes on- the act of creating and bringing something into the world is pure magic! As much as possible, I remind myself to open my eyes and open my mind; to look around wherever I am and see, as if for the first time, with a sense of awe and wonder at the world around me. As I have become aware over the years and particularly from yoga trainings I’ve completed, the universe is alive with a constant flow of loving energy and it’s a choice to be in this flow or not. I have chosen to be in it, to allow my creativity to flow and to share this process with the world. BIGLUVSTUDIO is just as the name implies and I am grateful for your interest.

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